Overhead Lighting Tower

Global Traffic Equipment has now a new product to offer. We are known for our collective range of lighting towers. Thus, we make regular updates and upgrades to our models with the best technology and innovation. So, we are proud to introduce our latest model, the Overhead Lighting Tower (OLT). 100% Australian designed and made. […]

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Solar Lighting Tower ‘Venus’

The new design Solar Lighting Tower ‘VENUS’ (SLT3) offers new intelligence to the lighting tower market – a brighter, smarter, sharper design than traditional lighting towers. Henceforth, taking site lighting to a whole new level, experience Australian engineering at its finest with: Tilting solar panels to capture the endless Australian sunlight Fold up draw bar to […]

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Mobile Solar Lighting Tower

Solar Lighting Tower

The Global Traffic Equipment Solar Lighting Tower (SLT) is a totally self-sufficient light tower that will operate night after night without noise, petrol or ongoing servicing.

The SLT relies solely upon the sun’s energy (with battery backup), making it a smarter choice for Australia’s hot, dry climate. Using solar power, rather than diesel, the SLT will potentially save a small fortune on fuel and servicing costs. The SLT can be programmed to turn on and off by light sensor, by timer or manually as required.

The SLT delivers high performance lighting at a fraction of the cost of their counterparts and is proudly Australian made and backed by our 12 month factory warranty.

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