Radar Speed Sign

Global Traffic Equipment have designed and created a 100% solar powered radar speed sign. The Radar Speed Check Sign (RSCS) is used to improve the safety of drivers and pedestrians in suburban areas. Unlike ordinary speed radars, ours is trailer-mounted for temporary situated purposes. Common uses involve industries such as road work, traffic control, local councils and police services. Our very own engineers at our Gold Coast location have specially designed a simple and effective operating unit to meet all purposes.

The RSCS is a cost effective and environmentally friendly solution drawing less than 1 amp as it relies completely on solar energy for its operation. Furthermore, it has the ability to adapt and change the brightness automatically when switching from daylight to night. A fantastic solution for advising motorists of speed changes and monitoring motorist speed behaviour, the RSCS is easy to transport and set up.



The main purpose and function of the RSCS is to pick up the speed rate of each individual vehicle travelling past. As the vehicle approaches, the sign will display its corresponding signal to the speed which is visibly clear for the driver and others to see. Our team of Aussie engineers have developed a system for the sign to display either a ‘smiley’ or ‘sad face’ depending on the vehicle’s speed. If a vehicle is travelling at a rate over the set speed limit, an ensuing “SLOW DOWN” message will deter speeding motorists, followed by the specified speed limit.

  • Creates awareness to drivers & reduces speeds
  • Protects the surrounding public
  • Prevents dangerous driving in high risk are
  • Increases safety for all drivers on the road and pedestrians
  • Prevents potential incidents in high risk areas
  • Cost effective solution for areas prone to speeding



  • 100% Australian designed & made
  • Mounted onto our own manufactured trailers for easy transportation and set up
  • Tow up to 2 individual trailers at one time
  • Each unit can be easily transported by one person
  • Records and stores 10,000 time-stamped speed records



  • 100% Solar Powered
  • Built-in diagnostics (radar, power, speed limit selector etc)
  • Fully automated brightness control
  • Powerful, low powered 32-bit processor
  • Passive cooling (no fans)
  • Ultra low current draw
  • Selectable speed limit range of 10 to 110 KM/H
  • 10,000 time-stamped speed records (10,000 cars)
  • Real time clock & calendar
  • Speed reports based on both below and over
  • Choose to set the sign to display either each vehicle’s individual speed or the set traffic speed
  • 7-Colour (RGB) LED Display
  • Desktop utility to retrieve events
  • 100,000+ hours LED lifespan
  • Total viewing angle of 120 degrees


  • Private/Public Roads
  • State Government Roads
  • School Zones
  • Neighbourhood Areas
  • Suburban Roads
  • Work Site Locations (Traffic Control / Road Work / Construction)