Solar Surveillance Camera

Australian-made Solar Surveillance Camera  S-Cam

The Australian-made Solar Surveillance Camera S-Cam is an unmounted unit, suitable for affixing to a post, building or other firm structure.  Entirely wire free, the Solar S-Cam is a low power surveillance camera, ideal for remote monitoring of residential or commercial sites. This system may be used on above ground sites such as high rise buildings.  Also available, the Solar T-Cam (trailer mounted), Solar PTL Cam (Portable Traffic Light Cam), and Solar VMS Cam (Variable Message Board Cam).



  • Complete portable rugged “wire free” solution for remote monitoring of all work sites and residential
  • Solar powered – operates indefinitely on an internal solar charged battery
  • Small compact camera unit for easy mounting, anywhere!
  • Minimal maintenance required (only battery replacement every 2-3 years)
  • Fully integrated, ultra-low power digital camera with 3G modem
  • Solar powered spotlight synchronised to flash only on image capture at night time
  • Optional wireless motion detector to capture people and vehicle movement
  • Choice of wide angle or telephoto lenses to match the area to be monitored
  • Image storage for up to 30 days, with indefinite storage available*


  • Portable solar powered security monitoring of valuable assets
  • Multiple anti-theft devices to prevent vandalism
  • Images are sent immediately to a map based web page for multiple access monitoring
  • All images are concurrently stored on an internal removable 8GB SD card for movie compilation or legal evidence
  • Mobile access to images using mobile phones or tablets
  • Full control and configuration of the camera via SMS commands
  • Actively monitor a designated area such as machinery yards, construction sites, access roads and valuable infrastructure
  • Control camera remotely with state of the art dashboard software from any device with internet access
  • Set camera on time lapse periods by day and by motion sensor by night
  • Have alerts sent via email or SMS to alert you that the camera has been activated


  • Completely wire free
  • Cost effective solution for security and safety monitoring
  • Have full control of camera & software
  • Data storage
  • Link up to 60 x motion detectors to one camera – cover all areas
  • High resolution colour images


Camera:                                                   Fully Integrated Mega Pixel Camera

Image Type:                                            Colour, Jpeg compressed, mega pixel

Lens Range:                                            3mm, 3.7mm, 6mm, 8mm, 16mm

RF Frequency:                                        2G & 3G GPRS: 850/900/1800/1900/2100Mhz

Power Consumption Ave:                      Xmit: 300mA, Standby 4.9mA

Weight of Camera:                                 3Kg including batteries

Operating Temperature:                       -20C – +60C

PC Software Requirements:                 Windows 7, 8 & 10 compatible

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